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The value of hard questions

Sometimes freelancers avoid asking difficult questions, like:

  1. Is there a budget for this? What is it?
  2. I know you love this feature. But does it really make the product better?
  3. Can you really be successful with your experienced nephew in charge of security for this product?

We might be afraid of the answers. Or maybe we’re afraid of the impression the customer will have of us after we ask the question.

But we’re doing ourselves and our clients a huge disservice when we avoid the hard questions.

We need to stop trying to be friends with everyone, and instead focus on the outcome we are trying to achieve. We want the customer and/or product to be successful. By not asking the difficult questions, we are increasing the potential for failure. Why should anyone hire us if we make things riskier?

What hard questions are you asking your clients today?

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