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Is your only value your technical skills?

I’m betting you have more to offer a client than just your amazing coding skills. So why are you only promoting your technical experience? Here are some other attributes that many if not most customers will also consider important:

Reliable with deadlines. Consultants who consistently achieve deadlines are unusual. And valuable.

Easy to connect with. Some programmers go into a rabbit hole or never answer their phones/emails. If you aren’t one of those, why not remind prospects of that?

Business or subject matter expertise. You may be able to advise your client on more than just technology.

Provide additional services. Are you great at user documentation or training? Can you provide mentoring to others? Are you willing to provide detailed status reports and cost breakdowns? These are just a few examples.

Indycoders often forget to promote their non-technical skills. What non-coding attributes do you talk about to your prospective clients?

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