Is this you?

Are you are a programmer who...

...spends your days in a tiny cubicle answering questions about TPS reports? required to attend pointless meetings that sap your creativity?

...sees your organization make decisions for short-term financial expediency that will ultimately cost more money and make your job harder?

I feel your pain. I've been caught in the power struggle between two competing managers who were looking for someone to blame for their own incompetence. I've sat through ridiculous performance appraisals where a manager who didn't have a clue about my skills told me I should keep up the good work. And I've been told the company couldn't afford an additional $200 for enough RAM so that I didn't have to wait 5 minutes every time I compiled my code.

It sucks.

I decided I wanted something different. in 2003 I left my employer and started my own business. At the time I wasn't sure I could make it work. How would I find new clients? Would customers hire me if I wasn't part of a big company? Could I keep up with all the admin mumbo-jumbo?

Fortunately, I survived. In fact, I thrived. And I learned a lot about what you need to know to be a successful freelance programmer.

And now I'm going to share it all with you. Things you need to keep in mind every time you talk to a new customer. How to set your prices. Where all the customers are hiding. How to find the right projects for your business.

My freelance programming business, Code Poetry Software, has been around for eight years, and my best years have been the last couple, as the economy has tanked. is for you - programmers who want to go independent like I did. You can escape those TPS reports.

Figure out how to think like your target market. Discover new services you can offer to help pay the bills. Learn how to get paid on time.

Or see if some one-on-one consulting is right for your situation.